Power And Energy

Technical, Financial, and Legal Due-Diligence
The assessment of renewable energy projects requires an organization to execute due diligence, significantly when the legal obligations are constantly changing. At Tytrix, we consider the following three aspects of due diligence:

Technical DD
Involves the appraisal of tech-related areas of the organization, such as its products, software, systems, and processes.

Financial DD
Evaluates the organization’s financial status thoroughly and assist in the valuation process.

Legal DD
Analyzes the legal risks and opportunities associated with a company in the environmental, planning, construction, energy, and employment sectors. It is necessary to align the company’s systems and practices with the current legislation to avoid any risks in the future.

Renewable Energy Sources
With the increasing focus on sustainability, renewable energy sources like solar and wind energy are being utilized for power generation. Tytrix, due to its firm belief in creating a sustainable future, also uses renewables for producing electricity and reducing the emissions of carbon and other pollutants in the environment.

Development of Regularity Framework
Concerning its power and energy usage, Tytrix follows the requirements of the regulatory framework, including legal and contractual obligations on national and international levels.